• Sunday: 12 noon - 2:00 p.m.
  • Services


    • General Medical Services: Treatments for BP, Diabetes,¬†Arthritis, heart and Lung disorders and other chronic Medical conditions.
    • Ultrasounds and EKG are also available.
    • A Dental Services may also be available, Please call to check for dental services
    • A Lab Corp Chem 14, CBC, TSH & Lipid Profile is available at less than $24. (Click here for Lab Corp Printable order form). Please contact the clinic (akbarcures@gmail.com or 478-3181116), if the blood test is needed outside Atlanta area.
    • “This clinic has been in service for last 20 years, run by board certified physicians’.
    • Medication samples, if available are also distributed for free.
    • IRS 501C Approved